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II am an artist who creates paintings that will take you on my life's journey.  My paintings are at times dark and emotional, to happy and uplifting.  I also paint to express my current mood and my views on world topics.  My ultimate goal is always rooted in helping others who have had similar experiences to mine, and to reassure them that there is a better life waiting for them.  There is no subject I will not touch, and I am unafraid of the result because all of my art is created from the heart, and I am self-taught, which I feel is my excuse for total independence without worries of color representation and style.  Most of my paintings are created with acrylics on canvas.  The tools I use are brushes, scalpels and anything I feel will give me the effect I need such as plastic wrap, paper towels, fabric swatches, my fingers, etc.  I love what I do and feel very grateful to be on this journey in hopes that my creations will mean something to someone in the end.

My story

I am a once broken, self-taught artist, with many stories to tell.  I decided to pick up a paint brush, with the encouragement of my son, to allow myself to feel and express all that was going on in and around me, and credit painting and a great therapist for saving my life.  My art is about my many life experiences, some of which may leave you highly uncomfortable and some will make you feel like you are on the highest mountain peak.  My art is imperfect; a true reflection of me and something I now embrace wholeheartedly.

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